Since the beginning of time it is nature that has given us fragrance, essential oils, plant extracts, concentrates of fruits and flowers. Mina Gautier uses nature, and nothing else to create her fragrances, fragrances like no other, with such high-quality concentrates that a single drop suffices. Inspired from the deep founded traditions of the Orient, and by the finesse of the Occident, Mina Gautier offers you a unique discovery: true perfume.

Mina Gautier builds her perfume as a genuine olfactory pyramid, always inspired by nature, combining the testimonials of plant roots, woody resins, stalks and leaves, and finally of flowers and fruits.

Using her rare vintage essential oils as primary ingredients for her creations, Mina Gautier intends to give back to perfume its aura of yesterday, its enchanting power that travels through time, styles, and eras.    

“Each encounter, each story is my glory, capturing it is my desire and is relived each time.”

“Each encounter, each story is my glory, capturing it is my desire and is relived each time.”



Mina Gautier enables the possibility for everyone to think, to imagine, and to discover a truly personal perfume, made in accordance to his or her own taste. The perfume designer, Mina Gautier, creates bespoke fragrances.

Each customized perfume is created from rare essential oils and exceptional natural essences, introduced to you during an olfactive rendezvous with the designer.

You will be initiated to these enchanting and sometimes overwhelming fragrances, that will be the roots of your personal perfume; the blend of Mina Gautier’s fragrances and guidance lead to the creation of an exceptional perfume made exactly to your taste, the fruit of your memories, of your “you.”

Together, you and the designer will create your perfume.

Perfume that reflects your personality

Since the very existence of perfume, it has been offered according to taste. Mina Gautier provides you with the unique experience of creating a perfume that reflects your personality. A genuine olfactive translation of your life since birth. Your scent … Your talents, your story, your passions that make you a unique individual. Your very own perfume, made to order ; it is  a signature which is as discrete as it is precious. You are unique, it is in your nature …

Mina Gautier acknowledges this with great finesse.

There is no need to hesitate, you can entirely trust her savoir-faire. Throughout private and intimate interviews she will get to know you, Mina Gautier will be inspired by your life, your souvenirs and your emotions. Only after a certain number of samples will she present you with your bespoke perfume. Be prepared for an absolute revelation …  This unique perfume will consist of three notes: A solid base note, which is durable, and reminds you of your roots. A subtitle heart note will hint at your experiences, and an instant top note will translate your present. Three precious notes for a truly olfactive melody.

A Bespoke Perfume for you, but also for your company or your brand

Your guests can expect an exceptional welcome to a unique venue, with an atmosphere that will transport them elsewhere … the olfactory signature of your venue, or of your event will beautify the perfection of their experience. To create your perfume, Mina Gautier will work exclusively with you, around your brand or your company in order to determine the type of environment that needs to be perfumed, the desired atmosphere, the intended audience and the desired olfactive effect. 

Mina Gautier will create a range of samples that represent your company’s image or brand.

With the help of candles, feathers or scent diffusers rich in flavour, the signatures of Mina Gautier’s perfume will accompany you during the exceptional moment of your choice, and the olfactive nature of your brand or company. For those who wish to further experience the creation of custom-made perfume, Mina Gautier also offers the possibility of creating a special perfume bottle. Perfume bottle jewellery, vintage bottles, or a bottle of your own choice, the perfume will sit in a unique and extraordinary casing. Once you have selected your fragrance and chosen your bottle, you will receive your perfume accompanied with an exclusive rights agreement. Whether you are an individual or a professional, your perfume belongs to you and no one else in the world will be able to wear it.


Mina Gautier will recreate this perfume for no one other than you.