By Mina Gautier


Enchanted by plants and natural balms from childhood, a passion for perfume revealed itself to me instinctively.

Nourished by a long-lasting oriental tradition, Mina Gautier still draws on her family roots for her passion of perfume.

Her curiosity, and her creativity drove her to pursue a degree in science enabling her to put the individual properties of plants to use. This passion inspires her determination and her ambition to create natural perfumes. Thus, was born, the perfume designer Mina Gautier.


Entirely dedicated to the inherent qualities of plants, flowers, and other fruits of nature, Mina Gautier creates perfume from an ancient and genuine tradition.


The designer is entirely devoted to using her talent for the creation of enchanting fragrances, facilitated by an accord of time-tested knowledge and spontaneous creativity.

Self-confidant and an interpreter rolled into one, Mina Gautier associates a flower and a face, defines a memory using a fragrance, and colours an aura. A fragrance, for the day or for the night? A fragrance to surprise or to seduce? They are the signs of a life, translated closest to their expression.


A fragrance for him, for her, for someone else, and even for a place, or an occasion, Mina Gautier truly creates an olfactory signature.